Phosphoric Acid Spill Closes Interstate 95 for Most of the Morning

Traffic was bumper to bumper on interstate 95 southbound through Stafford county in Virginia, just south of Washington, DC, for almost 6 hours. But unlike your typical morning rush hour traffic interstate 95 motorist are used to, this was caused by a tractor trailer spilling phosphoric acid onto the highway. » 5/17/13 2:35pm 5/17/13 2:35pm

The NASCAR Pre Race Pit Pass: What Can You Really Do?

NASCAR enjoys some of the most loyal fans in sports. They watch televised coverage of the races every week, they buy the products advertised by their favorite drivers and many of them save up their hard earned money to see a race in person. As an extra attraction, fans can buy a "pre race pit pass" to tour the pits… » 2/15/13 5:15pm 2/15/13 5:15pm