On the kickoff ensuing from a Colt's field goal, they caught just about everyone off guard and went for the onside kick, in the first quarter, winning 3-0. It's not as impressive as recovering an onside kick late in the 4th when you're down by 6 and EVERYONE knows it's coming. But, that is still an awesome kicker… » 10/10/14 8:20am 10/10/14 8:20am

Perhaps they had a hand washing sink that broke, and rather than fix it properly they had a fly-by-night plumber (rich people are the worst cheapskates) just take it out and do other plumbing "repairs" that happened to rack up both a critical and a non-critical violation, as well as violate building codes. » 3/05/14 11:02am 3/05/14 11:02am

Wow! 5.0L V8, AM/FM Stereo, Power Steering. I mean, those are some of the same features as my 30 year old C10 (with a 350 instead of a 302), but this truck also has Aaron Rodgers name on it. How can I not pass this up? » 2/17/14 11:45am 2/17/14 11:45am

As someone who actually does lighting design (including exterior lighting) as a profession, I'd like to comment on the "blue" LED perception. That is an outdated and obsolete way to think about LED's. It used to be true, but LED lighting has come a long way, to where you can now find LED fixtures in that oft-though of… » 2/05/14 12:32pm 2/05/14 12:32pm

PAGE 1: You park your car as far away from the looming dealership as you can. You step outside and begin to walk up the aisle of gleaming cars. As you look around, you see tacky banners and flags proclaiming, "ARBOR DAY SALE!". Suddenly, from between two SUV's, a man appears, as if by magic. He says his name is Herb… » 11/29/13 4:31pm 11/29/13 4:31pm

I do feel bad the owner lost their car. That's never an easy problem, especially if you do have a tight budget to begin with. But to suggest we all drive fancy European models because we make fun of Toyota is just plain ignorant. » 6/24/13 10:16am 6/24/13 10:16am